Michele Whiting: Drawing Quilt Project (2011-2017)

2018-07-17T14:15:34Z (GMT) by Michele Whiting
Collaborative duo Qulios and the Windmill (Michele Whiting and Linda Khatir) formed their partnership in 2011 (www.quilosandthewindmill.com. Researching prior to a Fall residency at Oxbow, Michigan USA (aff SAIC) they found a particular vintage folk quilt made by early pioneer women in The American Museum in Bath. This has become the stimulus for an ongoing drawing project. Initially they made the drawing quilt using the same measurements, sketching 121 things ( the same number as the panels on the original quilt) that they encountered in the site of the residency, reflecting on the methods that the earlier settler women employed through observation and translating this into drawings made through stitch, but this time they used drawing and monoprints. When the residency ended, they took the drawing quilt back to England and it was exhibited in the American Museum in Bath as part of a group show ‘Migrations’ (2015). Since then they have begun to work with groups of other people to produce new drawing quilts in the hope that they will amass a selection of quilts from different cultures and places. These two new quilts have been made with groups of local people in Sala Sweden and in Trowbridge England. The quilts have been shown as part of Konst I Påsk Easter Arts Festival, Sala, Sweden (2016) and also Trowbridge Arts Centre (2016).